Bachelor of Science in Information Science

Admission requirements

K.C.S.E minimum grade of C+ (plus) and a minimum grade of C (plain) in Mathematics and English OR; Distinction/Credit in Diploma
in Computer Science or Information Technology or related field from KNEC or its equivalent

Programme description

The program takes a minimum of four (4) academic years where an academic year consists of two (2) semesters.

Programme Learning Objectives

  1. Apply library management concepts, techniques and practices in solving library problems.
  2. Apply knowledge and skills in records and archive management in an organization.
  3. Use mass media techniques to capture, analyze and disseminate information in an organization.
  4. Apply ICT knowledge and skills to solve information management problems in an organization.
  5. Apply knowledge and skills in teamwork management, communication and public relation management.
  6. Apply information management concepts, techniques and practices in an organization.
  7. Carry out research and a propose solution or develop a system to solve the identified problem.

Expected career directions

  • Librarians
  • System Librarians
  • News Writing, News Reporting
  • Script Writing, Records Management
  • Archives Management
  • Marketing of Records and Archives services
  • Information consultants
  • Information Officers
  • Book Publishers
  • Knowledge Managers
  • Instructional Material Designers
  • Library supervisor /manager
  • Print and other media producers
  • Museum Curators
  • Journalists